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During the period of active addiction, truly awful things frequently occur - abuse, neglect, emotional manipulation and childhood exposure to very adult misbehavior and criminal concepts. For most people who are suffering from addictive conditions, once courts intervene, all but the ones in their most extreme phases of denial will acknowledge that their parental involvement should be restricted if not suspended altogether while they get their lives on track.

What happens afterward is where the difficulties arise.

Gender Diverse Parenting: A Primer

Seeking child custody after rehab means that a parent must be willing to work hard and engage in lengthy period of supervision to determine if they are behaving like a good parent. This can make a parent feel self-conscious, unworthy, like a criminal, a terrible parent. For that parent, hearing the testimony and allegations of prior conduct in family courts can often feel degrading, especially when they're told that even after working through rehab, it just isn't enough.

An addict's best intentions are not enough - courts have heard these over and over again, and are typically unmoved because they have heard them many times before, from thousands of people who failed. What the court will consider the most are the facts of what is best for the child. Years of substance abuse do not get cancelled out by a day treatment program, unfortunately, and those parents suffering addiction need to understand that. There needs to be a recognition of the harm wrought to all, and that includes the affected children and other parent or caregivers, and that recognition will explicitly include the willingness to work through the issues that led to the problem.

Here is a look at several points that you, Mommy and Abba, can implement to assure a win-win this summer for your child.

The Parent’s Primer for a Child-Friendly, Child-Safe Summer | Everyday Jewish Living | OU Life

Readers know that I believe in the well visit, that annual pilgrimage to the pediatrician once a child is past 3 years of age. Honestly, your car requires an oil change every several thousand miles to stay healthy. The annual well visit is the minimum one should do for our children and ourselves. Launch your children into summer fun knowing that they are healthy by making sure that each one has had a well visit within the last months.

The well visit deserves its own attention as each age demands that the pediatrician looks at the child with a set of eyes appropriate to that point in development. I have written about this previously and there will be more about it in detail in future articles. Has there been an unexpected weight gain or loss? Are you concerned that your child may be too short for his age? Too tall for his age? Is precocious puberty a possibility? Is puberty delayed?

How Video Games Affect Child Behaviour? - Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance - Real Families

There are many points to review to assure optimal development. In my practice, we have diagnosed testicular cancer which was caught early and the person has moved on the lead a full married life, Baruch HaShem as well as non-malignant masses. You get the message! This is also an ideal time for you to communicate to your child the importance of his respecting his body. The bottom line: You want your child to have maximize physical activity this summer. I have written about the flu, meningococcal, Tdap and HPV vaccines , the Meningococcal B vaccine , the recent measles outbreak and more.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC has a robust website with information for the layman about vaccines as well as the recommended schedule of vaccines from birth into young adulthood. Do you have a baby who is between the ages of months and you will be in the Catskills or Poconos this summer?

Then you must vaccinate your baby with the MMR vaccine. Jane R. Once the baby turns 12 months of age, he will receive another MMR vaccine, to be followed by another one at 4 years of age. The two most common ones are the 9-question survey for screening depression and the CRAFFT Screening Interview, a short clinical assessment tool designed to screen for substance-related risks and problems in adolescents.

If either tool hints at or reveals any problems, then please, Ema and Abba, deal with them and get your child the appropriate helps and inform the camp accordingly. The more information the camp has, the better the staff can help your child. Perhaps your child has allergies and needs to be with an epipen at all times. Inform the camp accordingly and make the necessary arrangements for the necessary medications together with explicit instructions for dispensing.

Please do not hold back on notifying the camp nurse about psychiatric or neurological medications. There are confidential boxes that can be checked and the camp nurse will call you privately. If the camp staff encounters an emergency, then having the facts on hand will only help them to resolve it successfully and happily, without permanent harm or loss of life. How is such a situation reported? How will the camp deal with a predator of any age?

Rooms that are on camp grounds that are not required for camp activities should not be accessed. The rooms required for activities can be clearly seen and easily accessed.

Reviews of Parenting Books

During camp activities, doors should be kept open. Preferably, camp staff should be working in pairs. This is an ideal time, when speaking with you child, to instill or re-instill in him a respect for his body as well as respecting his peers for their bodies.

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Your child may want to discuss these feelings with a trusted staff member. Thankfully, camps have zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol and inappropriate touching as discussed just before. It is possible that you may see people indulging in drugs and alcohol.

You are helping others by reporting it to the camp. Please know that I love you and you can talk to me about anything.

Discuss the insidiousness of vaping and Juuling as well as they are detrimental to their long-term being. Sunscreen use can help prevent skin cancer which any person can get, regardless of age, gender or race. Of course, the first and best line of defense is to cover up and to remain in the shade as much as possible between am and pm. Teach your children to apply, apply and apply, especially after swimming. Instruct counselors how they can help as well with younger children and applying.

Your Guide to Fertility and Getting Pregnant

Sunscreens are also for cloudy days. Brimmed hats are also a good avenue for sun protection as are some of the contemporary swim cover-ups. By the way, sun safety is not limited to the time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. We should be vigilant about protecting ourselves against the sun and its harmful rays throughout the year. Educate ourselves to help your children.

Her story is on the website and is a moving tribute by a mother in pain who wishes to help others to save themselves and their children from the same fate. Summer time equals water. Water is fun. It also means following the rules. Swim only where it is clearly marked and a lifeguard is on duty. This includes pools, lakes and oceans.

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Investing in swimming lessons is a fabulous way to empower children. Speaking of water, a win-win summer entails encouraging your children to hydrate at every opportunity with water. Children are at greater risk for dehydrating because their bodies do not cool down as efficiently as adults. Swimming pools, both public and private, must be fenced off without easy access.