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No one should be isolated from kindness. No one should think that they can't change the world.

A Future in Ruins

With kindness from all of us, we can find the harmony and peace to make our planet a happy home for all humanity. This home should have a place for great and small, new and old, strong and weak.

Jai Jagdeesh - In Dreams

I imagine the people on Earth as a marvelous field full of multicolored flowers. Every nation is a living flower with a unique color and smell.

Together these flowers can give us real harmony in diversity. Since I was five years old, I've been collecting my innermost ideas and my little living observations.

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DREAMS – PeaceBuilders Community, Inc.

I wish to share some of my personal vocabulary and my definitions of different notions: Beauty: Where all things are in order. Freedom: Breath without obstacles. Love: The feel of gluing together. Life: The motion of sensation.

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If it has been a particularly busy period, maybe you just want to go to a place where no one can bother you and where you can enjoy some well needed silence to gather your thoughts. You may wish for a brief moment of solitude so you can take a break from the realities and responsibilities of life.

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  8. Are you stopping them for making progress because you are taking up a lot of their time or headspace? Do you need to take a step back from them and allow them time to thrive on their own? Tagged in Peace Dream Interpretation.