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The fare is 2 Euros one way or 3 Euros return. A stone staircase also leads to the summit. It takes around 30 minutes to walk to the top. Visitors can tour the site viewing the stone foundations of the surviving, circular buildings on a raised steel walkway. The Visitors' Center shows a video in Portuguese on the history of the site.

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Viana do Castelo's beach Praia do Cabedelo is across the river from town and reached by a five-minute ferry crossing. The beach is ideal for waterports of all kinds: surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, even good, old-fashioned swimming. The beach is as yet pleasantly undeveloped so it is a good idea to bring along your own food and drink for the day.

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North of town the beach continues on virtually uninterrupted to the Spanish border and the area is good for hiking, surfing and cycling. It is also possible to take a short river trip up the Lima. There are many fine and historic churches in Viana do Castelo. Carnival is lively here too - check the tourist office for all festival details and dates.

Viana do Castelo, Praia Carreiço, Portugal. 12/7/2018.

The main event area is near the Castelo de Santiago da Barra at the mouth of the river. There are fairly frequent expresso long-distance services to Braga and Porto.

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From Porto 90 minutes , Braga 75 minutes; change at Nine , Guimaraes 90 minutes - 2 hours; change at Trofa. The Pousada de Juventude Youth hostel is 1 km east of the town center Tel: The once rather quirky youth hostel on board the old hospital ship the Gil Eannes - a floating clinic for fishermen working on the cod fisheries in Newfoundland and Greenland see above , is no longer in operation. A little away from the town center is the excellent, three star Hotel do Parque at Praca da Galiza, Viana do Castelo, The hotel has modern rooms with a pool and popular bar and garden.

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Hotels in Portugal - Agoda. Hostels in Portugal - Booking. Hotels in Spain - Agoda. In Porto, bookworms may fall in love with the equally historic Livraria Academica.

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Visitors who can read Portuguese and have a fondness for Portuguese literature are likely to fall deeper under its spell with each classic manuscript they find. Among them you can choose hiking in the mountains, tasting local dishes rather than tourist-friendly alternatives, and marching to the beat of a much much slower drum. UNESCO historic villages gained their titles for their role in protecting the country from across-the-border invasions, and the fortifications are standing memories that double as unforgettable landmarks.

Unfortunately, due to the size and power of said waves, only the bravest surfers seek a challenge in this part of Portugal. The beaches in Figueira da Foz are just as extensive but the waves, though powerful in their own right, are less intimidating.

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Ericeira is another popular surfing spot and closer to Lisbon about an hour away by car. Considered one of the best markets in the country, the long rows of fresh fish and produce are two main magnets that attract residents from different parts of the region, while the myriad cheeses, sausages, olive oil, and other staples sweeten the deal. Save to Wishlist.

Over the last few years, tourism to Portugal has increased exponentially and the great majority of visitors head to the same destinations and landmarks. Luckily, there are still plenty of ways to skip around the crowds and enjoy a unique Portuguese experience. Swap Sintra for Viana do Castelo. Find a tasca or make a picnic instead of eating at Rua Augusta. Skip the Algarve and head to the Azores. Spend a day or two in Lisbon or Porto, but more time in Coimbra.

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Buy tinned fish in local grocery stores, not specialty shops. For rare books, head to Livraria Academica instead of Livraria Lello. Swap the cities for the countryside.