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Lucky Luke is a Belgian comic book series that began in It is based on the comic series of the same name by Morris. Jameson to secure Daisy Town in order to make the junction of the East-West railway in time, Lucky Luke returns to his hometown, now dominated by the crook Pat Poker. Haunted by old demons, Lucky Luke sees his ambitions to start a new life and "make it clean" soon thwarted by the arrival of old enemies. Cast Jean Dujardin Billy The Kid Sylvie Testud Pat Poker Alexandra Lamy Belle Melvil Poupaud President Gabriel Corrado Luke's Father Pompeyo Audivert Undertaker Atilio Pozzobon A theatrical feature-length film directly based on the series titled Go West!

A Lucky Luke Adventure was later released in Plot Lucky Luke is a cowboy who shoots faster than his own shadow. With the help of his faithful horse Jolly Jumper the world's smartest horse and sometimes also Rintindumb the world's dumbest dog , he maintains peace and order in the Wild West.

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He hunts down desperadoes, keeps sharpshooters like Billy the Kid in check and constantly recaptures and returns The Daltons to prison. Go West! Upon placing their loot of stolen cash in an empty wagon at Central Park, New York and attempting to blend in with the crowd in order to avoid detection from the police, Averell unwittingly blows their cover in front of the police, resulting in a wild po. Lucky Luke is a French-German-American animated television series based on the comic book series of the same name created by Morris.

In France, the series was broadcast from 15 October on FR3.

Download e-book Lucky Luke - tome 30 – La Chasse aux fantômes (French Edition)

Synopsis Lucky Luke is a solitary cowboy traveling through the Far West. Accompanied by his faithful horse Jolly Jumper and almost every episode by Rantanplan the prison guard dog who gets lost in the West by wanting to follow Lucky Luke or find his prison , he finds himself confronted with various bandits and thugs like the Dalton Brothers, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and Phil Defer. Nancy Karen Morgan born April 1, [1] is an American actress.

Lucky Luke also known as The Adventures of Lucky Luke is an Italian western-comedy television series starring Terence Hill that aired in ,[1][2] and was based on the Belgian comic book series Lucky Luke and on a movie with the same title directed and produced by the same Hill in Originally, 13 episodes were planned, but Terence Hill became depressed after his adopted son Ross lost his life in a road a.

Xilam pronounced as Cy-lam is a French production company that specializes in animated series and feature films. In , it was announced that Xilam will be acquiring Hors-la-loi is a Lucky Luke comic by Morris, it was the sixth album in the series and was printed by Dupuis in The story pits Lucky Luke against a fictionalized version of the Dalton brothers. It is also the first Lucky Luke story that was based loosely on real historical events from the Old West.

Atypically for a Lucky Luke adventure, the villains are killed at the end, as the Dalton brothers meet their fate during the historical bank robbery at Coffeyville, Kansas. The story departs from historical truth as Bill Dalton is portrayed as taking part in the robbery while he did not operate with his brothers, and Emmett Dalton is shown as dying in the robbery while the historical Emmett Dalton survived the Coffeyville shootout, served 14 years in prison, and died in The Dalton characters proved so popular among readers that Morris created a new version of the gang, with their four identical-looking cousins, who went on to become Lucky Luke's main antagonists.

References Morris publicati. His pen name is an alternate spelling of his first name.

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Biography Born in Kortrijk, Belgium. He went to school in the well-known Jesuit college in Aalst, whose suits inspired him for those of the undertakers in his Lucky Luke series. His math teacher told his parents the boy would unfortunately never succeed in life, as he passed the math classes doodling in the margin of his math books.

Together they were released as the second Lucky Luke hardcover album in Presumed the favourite to win by the town and himself, Cactus Kid realises he may have met his match in Lucky Luke, and resorts to foul play. When this also fails, the Kid takes the prize money and runs, leading Lucky Luke to hunt him down. Lucky Luke attempts to install peace by capturing the troublemakers, but it unfolds that the town is flooded with bandits, unwilling to accept the enforcement of the law, and Lucky Luke finds him. Fenton brags about his town to the Daltons while in prison. A mix-up with the newly installed telegraph results in Joe Dalton being released for 'good behavior'.

He breaks out the others and they decide to fix up Fenton Town, renaming it Dalton City. They capture Lucky Luke, who agrees to help them with the town. They hire some dancing girls and Lucky Luke plants the idea of staging a wedding to lure people. The wedding is between Joe and Lulu Breechloader, the singer.

The guests arrive, but when the wedding is announced, it turns out that Lulu was unaware and is already married to the pianist, Wallace. Initially the guests shoot at Lucky Luke, but turn on Joe. The Cavalry arr. Originally a supporting character in the Lucky Luke series, Rantanplan later starred in an eponymous series. Rantanplan is a spoof of Rin Tin Tin. In the Turkish translations of the series, he is indeed named Rin Tin Tin.

Publication history The character first appeared in the earliest panels of the story Sur la piste des Dalton, published on February 4, in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou, and later as an album in Ten years after the death of Goscinny, for the production of the Rantanplan series, Morris collaborated with scenarists s. Arizona is a Lucky Luke comic by Morris, it was the third album in the series and was printed by Dupuis in Two different adaptations of the film in book form were both published in French in The first, adapted by Guy Vidal, was in text form rather than comic strip, and was accompanied by images from the film.

Plot The story opens in a Western saloon, where a young musician with a banjo begins to tell a tale of Lucky Luke and his sworn enemies the Dalton brothers: Joe, William, Jack and Averell. Luke has, once again, as he has done many times before, thrown the four outlaws into jail. The prison is also the abode of a guard dog named Rin Tin Can Rantanplan in the original French language version.

No sooner have the Daltons entered the jail than t. Terence Hill born Mario Girotti; 29 March is an Italian actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer. During the height of his popularity Hill was among Italy's highest-paid actors. Hill, whose stage name was the product of a publicity stunt by film producers, al.

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His birth having been announced on-screen in , a ten-year-old Lucky was cast in , played by newcomer at the time, Jonathan Jackson. Jackson left the series in , and the character was played by Jacob Young and later Greg Vaughan, who was let go in to allow Jackson to reprise the role. Lucky's characterization changed throughout the different portrayers; originally a street-smart con artist, Lucky develops an edge during Young's tenure and more drastically changes during Vaughan's portrayal, as Lucky becomes a struggling police officer.

With Jackson's reprisal, Lucky begins showing some of the character's original quick-witted qualities, but after a series of harrowing storylines, Jackson left the series in December and the role was not recast.

Lucky Luke - tome 30 – La Chasse aux fantômes (French Edition)

Jackson briefly reprised the role in July Luke Spencer and Laura Webber are fictional characters, and the signature supercouple from the American daytime drama General Hospital. Though other supercouples came before them, Luke and Laura are the best known outside of the soap opera medium and are credited with defining the term supercouple and leading other soap operas to try to duplicate their success.

Originally, critics of the soap opera genre panned the choice of having a rape victim fall in love with her rapist,[4] an example of forced seduction.

The couple wed at the end of the hour-long show on November 16, ; the event was watched by 30 million viewers and remains the highest-rated hour in American soap opera history. It was first published in French in the year by Dargaud.

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English editions of this French series have been published by Cinebooks and Tara Press. Ma Dalton was inspired by real-life Ma Barker. Plot Mrs. Dalton, the mother of the Dalton Brothers, spends a relatively quiet life in retirement until she invites her four sons for a visit. At first, Joe uses Ma's reputation among the fellow citizens to commit robberies — and later, Mum, for the love for her sons Averell in particular , decides to return to family business once more, presenting Lucky Luke with an additional headache: How to deal with a reckless old lady shootist?

Daisy Town also known as Lucky Luke is a French-Belgian film based upon the comic book character Lucky Luke, and making it his first animated appearance. A Lucky Luke comic based on the film, with the title Daisy Town was released in Plot Crossing the plains, a wagon train comes across a solitary daisy growing out of the vast wasteland. The leader of the expedition decides that the rest of their party will set up their new town on the site.

In honor of the flower, the citizens name the new homestead, 'Daisy Town'. However, no sooner is the town finished, then it begins to attract all manner of trouble-makers and desperadoes.

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One day, Lucky Luke comes riding into town astride his horse, Jolly Jumper. After taking care of most of the trouble in the saloon, Luke is assailed on his way to find quarters for the night. However, every single outlaw is taken care of by Luke. These actions don't go unnoticed by the townsfolk. The next morning, The mayor and several more townsfolk go to meet with Luke, a. It was the eighth title in the original series and was published by Dupuis in Phil Defer is a caricature of actor Jack Palance; the name means 'barbed wire' fil de fer.

It was originally published in French in the year The plot features real-life legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt. President Rutherford Hayes asks Lucky Luke to protect her during her tour Historical background Bernhardt indeed visited the United States in Adaptations The story was also adapted as an episode of the animated series Lucky Luke, but instead of Ber.

It is the twentieth title in the series. The original French-language version was printed in by Dupuis. English editions of this French series have been published by Cinebook Ltd. Plot in The town of Fort Weakling, Texas, is "terrorized" by the notorious outlaw Billy the Kid - or rather, the citizens cower in fear of the things Billy, a bullying type, could supposedly do to them.

When Lucky Luke, who happens to pass by, does not succeed in bringing in Billy through the local justice, he decides to teach the citizens that desperados are not as bad as they pretend to be by playing the role of a desperado himself, with the help of the only courageous person in the town, the local newspaper editor.

Condition: Near Very Good. Morris illustrator. First edition second printing Quarto hardback 48 pages colour illustrated Near Very Good condition No inscriptions. French text. Published by Lucky Productions About this Item: Lucky Productions, Seller Inventory BDG. Published by Delta, Stuttgart From: 3 Mile Island Burgsinn, Germany.

About this Item: Delta, Stuttgart, Condition: Sehr gut. Published by Ehapa Verlag, Berlin About this Item: Ehapa Verlag, Berlin, Heft - sehr gut. From: Librocasion Madrid, Spain. Condition: Bien. Published by Lucky Productions, Geneva About this Item: Lucky Productions, Geneva, Seller Inventory ABE Seller Inventory bf Published by Stuttgart : Ehapa Verlag About this Item: Stuttgart : Ehapa Verlag, Mit zahlreichen farbigen Illustrationen. Sprache: Deutsch. Gewicht in Gramm: Published by Berlin : Egmont, About this Item: Berlin : Egmont, Published by Lucky About this Item: Lucky, Couverture rigide.

Edition originale. From: librairie Lire et Chiner Colmar, France. Condition: CN. Published by koralle verlag About this Item: koralle verlag, Condition: Befriedigend.