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The Blizzard is a collection of stories, analyses, and essays on a wide variety of soccer topics.

Review: The Blizzard, Issue Zero

And when I say wide variety, I mean wide variety. You move across the continents and timeline covering everything but the informal soccer league that must exist in Antarctica. Wilson explains that while watching the match he and his colleagues argued over the best format to contribute more in-depth soccer content to the sports world, and he hits on some deeper points that define the problems with the modern media.

Was there a way, I wondered, to accommodate articles of several thousand words? Before critiquing their business model, I want to touch on the content. In many ways The Blizzard emulates this model.

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The writers take a topic and, no matter how mundane, they dive into it. The kind of conversations we all have at a bar, right?

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His argument is weak, but there may be some personal bias leaking into my analysis. Regardless, the content is diverse considering the limited writing pool. There is a fictional account of Iain Macintosh managing a lower division German team, inspired by Football Manager. Of course no discussion of The Blizzard is complete without a discussion of the pay-for. Let me start by noting that figuring out how to get people to pay for premier content is a struggle for all media types: how to have people pay for and how much they should pay for content that is above and beyond anything else that can be found on the Internet.

Even the EPL Talk Network is going through this process with EPL Talk Pro: the content behind the pay-wall is far and away better than anything else found on the Internet for free, so how should people compensate the site for that content? Issue Zero was pay what you want; Issue One coming out in June has a recommended price of 10 pounds; a subscription of four issues is 30 pounds in Britain, 40 in Europe, and 50 outside of Europe.

The digital or recurring rate one issue every three months has a recommended price of ten pounds per issue plus shipping costs if you want a hard copy. This is the cost of a full size book and, at least in the U. Again the Dragan Stojkovic interview is not short but why would you want it to be? The man is a cult hero and how many times have we read or heard his words? In it you find out what makes him the manager he is today, the influence Arsene Wenger had on him and about Japanese football.

Review: The Blizzard – The Football Quarterly (Issue Six) | football book reviews

It is riveting stuff and you get immersed in it, again credit to the interviewer Andrew McKirdy and no interview is good without a great subject like Dragan who is open to discuss things. The articles on Clairefontaine and Gianni Brera were particularly brilliant and engrossing for me. Be in no doubt that by reading The Blizzard you will definitely learn. Now I am not going to lie and say I enjoyed everything. I am also not a fan of looking back 35 years to one particular game but once again if you are then I am sure the piece by James Horncastle is a treat.

Its also available online and in hard copy. For me personally, I enjoyed it.

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It was something different, passionate and the writers have stories they want to tell. All things we never get when we read certain papers or magazines. Posted on October 29th, by scott Filed under: Product Review. I enjoyed most of the content Garreth and well done to you and the team for producing such a unique product.

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