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At night, when uninfected ants show up and start to forage, this growth ejaculates more infectious spores and then the cycle of weeks starts. Yes, the world of creatures can be horrifying. But, have you ever thought that you can also be zombified? Sponsored Stories. Christopher McFadden.

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The Walking Dead - Zombiefied. We're all infected. Spread the word.

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Upgrade to use this photo effect and get access to all BeFunky Plus Features BeFunky's premium features make your photos and design projects stand out from the crowd. Upgrade Now Already have an account? In our first ever mini-episode, we take a deep dive into Zombified's theme song, Psychological, with artist Lee Miles. Emily Zarka has her go bag in the trunk of her car, just in case. In this episode, Emily talks with us about all things zombie - from how we can use the ZA as a way to prepare for disasters, to how zombies can help us reflect on being human.

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She explains how in movies zombies are often a red herring for the real monsters, us humans. As a producer and director, he has been making movies and TV series about the morbid for decades, offering up his brains for projects about death, dying and darker side of science. In this episode we talk about brains in vats, living mortuaries, zombified narcissists, and the perils of insatiable curiosity.

Why are we so into monsters, zombies, and scary things in general? In this episode, physician and evolutionary biologist Barb Natterson-Horowitz explains why we seek out the frightening and the morbid, and how our fascination with things that can kill us can actually help us survive. Barb also explains why teenagers are likely to save us in the Zombie Apocalypse. Keith Tidball has seen it all, from war to disaster to real-life zombies.

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Looking for psychological conditioning tips to increase your survival odds in the zombie apocalypse? Better listen to this one.

Zombified Economy: What Will Next the Recession Look Like?

Joe Alcock is all about microbes and evolution. How do we keep our microbes from zombifying us against our will? In this episode we talk about the microbiome and how it can affect our health, our behavior and even our moods. Joe talks about mind controlling parasites, how our microbes can turn against us sometimes, and what all this means for our understanding of what really goes on during death and dying.

We also take a few detours into the physiology of laughter, what makes it involuntary or voluntary , what laughter sounds like and why. Your friends have your best interests at heart.